Reviews for "TSAH"

I remember watching this so many years ago.. still so funny.

funny shit my friend
also i would like to point out even though the face jokes are funny there are several things that have been revealed
1.the chief is white so sorry black fanboys but its true
2.he is likely in his 20's or 30's he was kidnapped and forced into the military as a child (6 years old)
3. the age is due to many times in cryro sleep thus reducing aging to a crawl every time when in cryro sleep

I think this is a epic padory of comat evovled. The start was funny because MC was In his 'Happy Box'.
I was thinking '???' whe i saw darth vader. Weird. Hope ya mke a TSAH3. :D

this was once funny to me and i still like it

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