Reviews for "TSAH"

Wow, I was impressed at how epic this was! I had no idea the sequences would be that long! It seems more like cartoons that would have been fine separately. The fact that they're all together makes it all the better. Hey, that rhymes! The best was probably the first part.

I just love the "Domo Aregato" joke or however that's spelled. It's just so epic. While I haven't played "Halo" I've seen so many parodies, I'm at least a bit familiar with it. Flash Gordon?

Very funny. Though I don't get why at the "end" forts a screams. Otherwise is funny!

This smells like 2004 and I love it.

this flash sucks 10/10

It's been 10 years!
and still funny as hell xD
Also so happy to see Ross is still doing great with GameGrumps and RubberNinja on Youtube <3