Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


It is a sad Melody over i love it

broove responds:

it kind of is

Simply pulchritudinous

This is the most beautifulest song I've ever heard.
I learned to play 'Colour my world' on piano but I'd love to learn this one too. It's amazing what music can make you feel..
When I listen to this song, I remember the days I ran without shoes on a yellow hay. Ah, the memories.
Amazing job!

- Also, I wonder if there is sheets / scores available? I believe that many people besides me want to learn this piece. :)


This song is simply beautiful. Its greatly written, and it really points out the mood the song is trying to put out. its such a pretty little song. i love it.

i liked the game

who else was brought here becaus eof the game?

broove responds:

mostly yes


This is so amazing, almost made me cry, I wish there were more songs like this out there....