Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Amazing song!

I love to listen to newgrounds audio and check my e-mail, or chat with friends. I came across this song, it was at the top of the classical list so i figured i'd check it out. I had to stop what I was doing and just listen to the song. It's very well made, and a very beautiful song. The only problem i see with it is the sudden ending. In my opinion, i believe it would've been better to slow the tune to a stop, rather than just cut it off. It's an amazing piece, and i hope to hear more like it!

broove responds:

Ending sounds pretty normal to me. Some people loved the ending and some - didn't. You can't please everybody, I guess....
Thanks for listening ;)

Very Nice

Very Very nice i have taste for calassical and the person below me shouldnt be reviewing or voting at all its like making this beatiful song go and not be interested!

broove responds:

Thank you, I'm glad.

Very Emotional

Beautiful song. It has such a wonderful tune and it really expresses emotions very well. Personally, I don't think a dnb version of the song will be as good as this one.
Anyway, great song!

broove responds:

I won't remake this song - I will leave it the way it is.
Thanks for the review.

Just... Wow...

I have never heard a song that has actually made me feel sad, yet happy. It just sounds so awesome... I really can't describe it, so I'll just say "Great Job!"

broove responds:

Thank for the "great job" ;)

i agree with metropialife

it is very peacefull made me relxed and almost tired great job keep it up