Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

o ... my ... GAWD

it made me so sad .... muh grandmother died like a week ago and ... this song just makes my sad ... i dont want you to get the rong idea ... it is a brilleant song and if i felt different about thingd right now ide give 50/10

im sorry bro ... ima give a 4 .....

broove responds:

Well, I am sorry for your grandmother.
Thank you for a 4

dont u just hate it when....

someone steals music, this one is from silent hill series by the way

broove responds:

I agree, stealing is bad. But framing someone for stealing, especially without any proof, is bad too.

Clean out your ears, dumbass!


No, this is way to soft, and there is only a 'tune' near the end. I guess it would do well in a sappy movie but that's it.


broove responds:

You must also be one of the "grandma club" members.
How did the inauguration go? Did they make you smell it too?