Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


I gotta say, it was great. I loved how it picked up at the end.....tho it seemed to end a bit abruptly......i was wanting more lol. Very nice tho, spot on sir!

broove responds:

Just press replay and it will start again :P
Thanks for listening, man


Excellent job! The piano in this track reminds me of Silent Hill 2, well more so in the intro.

Good listen. ^.^

broove responds:

thanks for listening ;)

lovely, peaceful

truly amazing, dont know what to say. sniff ,sniff

broove responds:

I know what to say - thanks ;)


I don't know why but this is so good I almost cried...

broove responds:

sometimes that happens..
thanks for listening

Great Emotional setting

gerat sad and great i alomost cried it so good i havent anything this sad and emotional in a while its great i love it oh and everything i said about is supposed to be good

broove responds:

Thanks for listening ;)