Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


Very relaxing!

broove responds:

thanks ;)


this is so.. wonderfull.. really deep.. i have goosebums right now.. amazing tune .. i love it!


i almost cryed

very wellmade, and very creative i really love this. its .. wow.. spechless..

i gotta fave this

and fave u

u truly deserve it

broove responds:

Thanks again, mate :)
Glad you liked it..


So, did you use software or did you use like a synth and record it? Because if you perhaps would have like a score you made up i would love to use it in a movie that i would make for my video production class...but that's just an excuse to be able to learn this piece...which is really what im after lol XD...and dont hesitate to PM me...

Btw it's beautiful
~Peace, Jafferz.

broove responds:

It's software. But I used MIDI keyboard too. And what's score? My english is far from perfect, so I didn't catch that. If you're talking about sheet music, then I don't use it. However I use piano tabs and you can find them on my user profile page.

Thanks for the review ;)

Excellent Form.

This piece has a lot of emotion in it. Simply by listening to it, you can feel the power each note has. That's the beauty of the minimalistic approach when producing a piano piece such as this. It's not sad, it more calming and listening to piece progress it becomes more uplifting.

I loved it so much, I decided to learn it on keyboard. After playing around with the piece a little, I urge you to think carefully about making a DnB track with this. It works, don't get me wrong, but it loses something in the translation I find.

If you do decide to remix this into another style, try to keep it leaning towards the classical/simplistic route. I believe that's where this tune belongs.

broove responds:

I'm aware that another version will lose something what the original has. But I'm still in thinking process.

I'm glad you liked it, dude! I appreciate your review aswell ;)


This song is really amazing. I can listen to it for hours and just drift away listing to it. Thanks for making this beautiful song!

broove responds:

Oh, no problem. Thank you too for the review.