Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Wow very nice, awesome.

O.K., first of all id like to say that people who don't like this type of music plz don't comment badlly.....darkmaster.... because this peice may be a little repetitive but it adds the emotion to the end. I have not logged in on newgrounds for some time now, probablly about 2 years, =p, but i downloaded this like 2 weeks ago and i came back to listen to it to find that people have put on bad reviews for this song. I went to a great length to remember my password to log back in and correct this ongoing trend of "bad rating".
--Thats all i have to say on the subject of people writing weird reviews, ok so this song makes me think of my childhood and just like happier times, especially the parts where the faded noises in the background, i really liked that. Great job on this song man, i really liked this and if this is from twilight, even though i do despise that movie and anything associated with it, this song is a great exception. For anyone not sure if u should download this song, do it, its definetlly worth it.
--Ok so whenever i hear this song more recentlly i make the same little story in my head of wat is happening. If i could make good flash things i would totally make 1 or better yet a real life video of this song, no words in the song, it would be instrumental, ok. So through most of the song i see it would be a little boy having fun and enjoying his boyhood and just playing. Hanging out with his friends, just, y'know being carefree, not having any real rules to follow or any1 to bother him. Then around 1:14 he starts to go to school, but people are not nice to him and just messing with him and making him feel bad. but he is still his little self so it only affects him a little. and he just tries to ignore it (music speeds up) now this is a period where it shows his body fast foward into like a high school aged kid. Now the music is faster and stresses are picking on him. The pressures of fitting in and bullies (the fast notes again kick in) and now there are multiple flashes between his face and other peoples faces yelling at him different mean things such as you suck and anything u can think of. it shows him tied a rope to the cieling and putting his neck through the noose while he steps up onto a stool and some tears start to go down his face. keeps flashing btween different bodys of his own and other peoples yelling still and then ( the music basically stops) and thats when the stool moves and u see his feet just hanging there, slowly turning in the air.
--Hope i didn't miss anything while explaining, i know thts pretty grim, but thats how the song sounds to me, like how an innocent little boy having so much fun would have so many pressures pushed onto him and people pushing him so much that he can not take it any longer, till he hangs himself...so like i said i know its grim but any1 wants to attempt to make that little short film about that, i would love it, and im sure u would be ok with it, right broove? So like i said this is a very moving song snd i love it very much it just reminds me of so many happy times of when i was a kid but those fun times ill never be able to see again, and trust me everyone, you will get that feeling one day if u have not already, like, where did my childhood go? I miss the low sets of rules and lttle things that would entertain me, ='). So i hope u all do enjoy this song just as much as i do.
--lol i just realized i spent 45 minutes finding all the right words to put into this, =p well cya people later dl this song!

broove responds:

What a story! It's depressing and I like that :P
Great job on the script, mate ;)

The reviews are mostly positive, so it's ok. I can handle some negative reviews too. All in all, this song is not for everyone.

Actually I'm laughing at those who say that this song is actually written by somebody else and I just took it. It's been compared to Final Fantasy, Spirited Away, Shadow of Doom (or something), and now it's Twilight. I'm still waiting for "Wait! Beethoven wrote it!"

Thanks for such a big review.
I'm glad you liked the song ;)

Well, not the best

I'm prepared to take on the flames but I have to say that this song isn't anything great. It sounds really repetitive, boring, and way too many pauses in the beginning. Pauses are used in music to help the song, not just be there. To me it sounds like the pauses are pretentious. I think this needs a lot of work. And if this is a song from twilight, you need to give the author credits in your comment area.

broove responds:

Pauses are necessary in this song. I'm sure that many people will agree on that.
Maybe this kind of music just isn't meant for you.

Look down

Sadly for you this song is in a film caled Twillight so if you have modify it you have to give copyrights to the auther just to inform you so now good luck tryng to get copyrights ;)

broove responds:

Oh, really? You sure? Mind telling the real author and the name of the song? I'd like to check it out myself. Maybe you have problems with differing one song from another...

Now good luck trying to clean out your ears ;)


the intro kinda reminds me of Silent Hill sound tracks... some sort of sad tranquility...
like something REALLY bad happend... but now it's gone.
Beautiful song =]
no words could describe properlly...

congratze aye.

broove responds:

Yeah, the atmosphere may be similar to Silent Hill..
THanks for the review.


First of all, Id like to say this song was amazing. It made me remember all the good and bad things that have happened in my life, and how great the world can be.

I would whole heartedly say that I want to learn how to play this.

Would there be any possible chance that you could make a video on how to play this? I dont play the piano, but it would love to be able to play this at my fathers funeral. He is on his death bed at the moment, and I think playing this song would say the things I feel better then any speech.

Please let me know if this is possible.
Beautiful song, truely a thing of beauty.

broove responds:

Thanks for the review, mate. I'm sorry for your dad.
I won't make any videos, unfortunately. But you can find piano tabs on my user page. They are easier to understand than the notations (If you don't know any of them).