Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

so sad, and so amzing

I love this song. It's amazing. I'm actually learning this by ear to play on piano. I got the melody down pat, but the harmony is giving me grief.

broove responds:

Harmony is even easier (except the end part). I've uploaded tabs if that helps.
Thanks for listening, mate

Very Good!

its really emotional, but closer to the end it feels like it's getting a lighter, happier tune to it

broove responds:

thanks for listening ;)


I really like this one. So much emotion in it. The heartbeats kinda scare me, but it's all good! Lol! Beautiful work! <3

broove responds:

Afraid of heartbeats? That was weird.. :P
Thank you for listening, I appreciate that!


It makes me think of a person about to take his last breath.... hoping that he lived a good life..

broove responds:

I taught you were talking about me for a second... Damn!

Thanks for listening.


This song sounds really great... It gives this sense of sorrow and yet hope at the same time. The "heartbeats" sound really good too. Excellent! 5/5 10/10

broove responds:

Thank you ;)
Glad you liked it