Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


Feels like I'm kneeling in an empty plain, confused and sad about losing a loved one.

I love it...

Silent Hill?

Great song. Simple, but very emotional. It has always reminded me of Silent Hill for some reason.

broove responds:

It has similar feeling, yes.


thats all i gotta say. This song fits me.

broove responds:

Cool. thanks

I feel like i am flying in a empty white space...

...flying at the speed of the heartbeats, this song is so emotional and great.....
are all people from latvia this talented? I love your and hope that one day i can be good enough to play like this....
I feel jeleous T.T
keep up the good work!!
-Augustine (a.k.a. dvilboysix66)

broove responds:

If you love what you do, you'll be good at it. That's the law.
Thank you for a review


can i ask the musical notes of the heart beat because i want to learn how to do it please!!!

broove responds:

I posted piano tabs and sheets on my userpage under "latest news"