Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


This piece is truly inspiring, when listening to this piece i just felt so many emotions, if thats what you were trying to make people do with this piece, you did a fantastic job.

I could listen to this piece for hours! I just feel the need to make art to this!
It really just gets the mind thinking in the best sort of way

You are indeed an amazing maker of music my friend
Keep it up

broove responds:

Usually I try to make something that I myself enjoy. It's great if other people feel the same...

Some people feel something. Some don't. And I'm glad you did.
I appreciate the review, mate!

1 word

And that one word is: "Godly."

broove responds:

2 words: Awesome! Thanks ;)


This is one of the best pieces I have heard so far it is so sad and very lyrical.

Good job

P.S. You have made it into my favorites with this song.

broove responds:

Thank you, it's good to hear that ;)


I wish i could give you an 11. Very nice. Calm, atmospheric, if you will. Very touching story behind it. Though you may not use it, you used many musical theories here, and it sounds amazing. 5/5 10/10

broove responds:

In my opinion, music theory is trying to understand music. But music isn't about understanding, it's about feeling. That's why I'm not dying to learn it.
However knowing music theory is a plus anyway.

But thanks, man! Thanks for the review.

quite good, u'll do fine in the competition.

The melody flows very well. The use of crescendos is evident along with suspension. It is very mellow. Love theme can be seen from a broken heart. 2:25 eighth note run in melody is refreshing to hear. 2:55 speed change made it able to refocus. Accelerando with eighth note run into a retardando into a suspension crescendo at end is quite good. Works well in loop 5/5 10/10

broove responds:

Crescendo? Retardando? Accelerando? What are you talkin' about?
I don't know much about music theory, just some very basic things.

But thanks for the positive review mate ;)