Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


Hey i just had to log in just to write you a review and tell you that this tune is awesome.
It sounds so simple but its not, it conveys so many emotions not only that it actually brings them out in the listener.
There is so much music on NG but every now and then you find a gem and this is defiantly one of them downloaded and going on my ipod.
I play guitar but i think this one could only really be pulled of on piano in-fact i might just learn how to play it on piano.
Again awesome track and after going through some of your others i have a great deal of respect for you as an artist you can really bring out emotion in your work and that is rare.
Keep it up and make more like this...

broove responds:

There's definately some really good songs on NG. They're just not always visible. Thanks for counting this one in.

I must warn you though, this song's sound quality isn't very good and I can't say how good or bad it will sound on your ipod. It was my intention to cut off highs and rise middles a bit, but sometimes it makes a song "dirty".

It's very easy to play on piano (except the last part - you'll have to stretch your left hand). I would also suggest you to use reverb and/or long release for the atmosphere.

So, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it ;)

when i..

hear your music n i see yo art, i can feel your inspiration, like i can jus tell by listening to the notes hit, n the art of mischevous individuality, frum artist to artist i can see where your comin from bro, my art is supposed to embrace the souls of who ever hears/sees it, n its supposed to be a message, yours is like your painting a picture of yo heart with the music, really dope, i think you should have won something for dat piece. 10

broove responds:

It's hard to understand your typing, mate. I was trying to figure out what you wrote for five minutes. literally.
However, thank you for the review. The message you have there is actually very touching.
Thanks again.


Really really amazing.

broove responds:

Thank you

Brilliant name

This is touching song and the name fits perfectly on the song =D

broove responds:

There are parts of the song which the name represents.
Thanks for the review ;)

so sad=[

This is used in colour my heart, huh, really sad song, especially for someone without a valentine this valentines day...

broove responds:

Yap. Sad song for sad people.
Thanks ;)