Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Close your eyes...

mix a lot of relax, a tad of sadness, a breeze of melancholy (sorry if its wrong typed), and a person sitting or walking slowly and you get this song. VERY touching in the way you want it. Listen to this song and to nothing more and close your eyes.
A masterpiece indeed make more!

broove responds:

Thank you for such an emotional review ;)
And I'm glad you liked it.

it's so beautiful

i'm sad ;)

broove responds:

don't be, it's ok

nice song

it reminds me of kingdom hearts

broove responds:

Haven't heared it.
But thanks, mate


it has been quite a while since i heard such a piece!
man, this song is a true work of art
although it does bring to mind sad feelings, the artistic value of the music is a lot more than meets the eye
seriously, if you composed this song, i encourage you to keep writing music
you are very talented
and if you didnt write the song, well it is very cool anyways, so keep up the good work with this kind of music

by the way, thank you
in a way, this song encouraged me

broove responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
And yes, I wrote it.

Thank you too...


It's a really moving and inspiring and somewhat sad piece of music thats simple but great, what more can I say?

broove responds:

Thank you, mate!