Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


This song is... wonderful, it is soothing, it is a little sad but not to much, then it brightens up at the end.
However I have a few tips...
You need something in the background, i don't know like a violin or somthin it's up to you, 'cause it sounds a bit hollow.
Second, I don't no if its just me but \i can't actualy hear any heartbeats.

broove responds:

You can hear heartbeats if you have subwoofer or proper speakers. I didn't want to add anything unnecessary and in my opinion reverb, reversed piano and heartbeats fill the background.
But thank you...


It's pretty cute, slow for the most of it. I like it ^_^

broove responds:

I like it that you like it ;)


great song man...
it reminds me of my girlfriend...
it make me so sad....
yet relieved...

broove responds:

it's meant to be this way.

makes you think

its the sort of music that makes you think.
it makes me think of....well everything. its a sad peice but it does it so wonderfully well that it goes beyond that and becomes just beautiful.

broove responds:

Looks like it has a different effect on different people. The message you receive depends not only on music, but also on yourself...
Thank you ;)


Amazing pice of music! Definetly ipod material! 5/5 10/10! Ceep up the good work mate!

broove responds:

Thanks, pal! I will..