Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"



Words cannot convey what this provokes in me; this is the GRAND EXAMPLE OF ART - your work stimulates thoughts and emotions; hell, it creates stories and movies and...agh!

I know next to nothing about Flash, and cannot draw a straight line or a regular curve freehand to save my life, but this music COMPELS me to create a video to accompany this - to voice the story it evokes in my mind, to show the images and action that it creates.

...and I cry because even with my chosen art-form (narrative prose) I know I could NEVER do this piece of music justice; you are a MASTER, broove. This pulls at my heart and does something that I haven't had happen in years - inspired me to write; to tell the story that this poignant and triumphant and sad and heartbreaking and stirring and epic and dark and shining and JUST FUCKING BEAUTIFUL work.

I *will* end up writing something based off what I feel when I listen to this, but I know it's not the best medium to pay tribute to this (I wouldn't be able to right something brief enough to fit). I think the best match would be a Flash video (that of details I cannot divulge in public in case I ever manage to do something) but as I said, I'm a writer, not an artist/animator/painter/etc.


This NEEDS a video for it, and as I said, I'm heartbroken because I know I can't make one for it. :J

Broove, I really hope you're still around, and read this, and it makes you feel even one-tenth of how great this song makes me feel; on the other hand, I hope you're working professionally and get your just desserts for your art.

Either way,

T H A N K Y O U .

broove responds:

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad this song touched you.

The best piano song i ever heard

Its aa beautiful and inspiring song for me ...

love it

i cryed cuz my mormor loved it and she died so where to download?????? cuz i wantttttt itttttt


Explains alot about life......

I have the sheet music for Heartbeats.

It's a nice song, a good example of how simple is good. I have the sheet music for Heartbeats. Anyone just msg me on NG if you would like it.