Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

You are truly a legend

This is legendary need i say more?

broove responds:

A legend? Oh, come on!...
But thanks for the kind words

this is a really good song

it's kinda sad, but I like sad songs. I think its weird that you only have one entry for this. it's a great song.

broove responds:

I have two entires now!
Just not sure if you'd like to see the second one...
And I like sad songs too

A lot of Emotion

Very beautiful piece of music. Touches the heart and mind. Shows a lot of emotion and makes you think;

"Is the world really that beautiful and perfect?"

The piano really sets the mood for it but the (Synth chords, i believe you used them) add a smaller but touching setting. Excellent work!

I will come back and revisit this.

broove responds:

Thank you, mate. I guess it is made for people like you ;)

DUDE...This music is so Good

This music is so sad but in a good way u got to keep it up :]

broove responds:

I'll try. Thank you



broove responds:

Yes, I know... thanks