Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


It's a rare type of music, the type that you fell what the song has to say. But the simplicity of this tune makes it so... incredible, that any word can really tells what we fell when we hear it.
It touches our heart like no other tune I ever heard. 10/10

broove responds:

I honestly have no idea what did I do, to make people react this way...
It's my pleasure ;)
Thanks for listening


godlike. . . yay!

broove responds:

thanks for listening


Anyone who rates this less than a 10 is freakin CRAZY, this song is amazing.

broove responds:

Thank you!

Oh My Gosh

i seriously was about to cry when i heard this for the first time

broove responds:

Well, not that I like when people cry, but... I'm glad

This is beautiful...

:3 I could cry...

broove responds:

Thanks for listening ;)