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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

zelda elda lda da a..

esta bien el quiz divertidin pero algunas preguntas fasiles i mucho retry ~~ xD jajaj pero esta agradable, contestenla desde la primera sin error haber xD


you should have asked Qs such as whats zeldas cup size and how much does gannon weigh lol. the movie at the end brought back some memories lol


slightly tedious, er yeah

Well, I haven't played them all...

So i couldn't really answer them all.
plus, I don't really know when the first Zelda game came out, I just know it was a good game, and still is.

Good classic game

a good classic game here, some qoestions were hard to remember but you have it set up just right so props to you on this clasic game

Its fine

Classic game parody thingie