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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"


At first i thought this was gonna be another run of the mill quizzes. It kinda was, but the best part was at the end when you saw your "prize." That completeley blew me away that you thought of that, oh man i remember when i saw that ages ago.

Same ol' quizzes.

I already beaten Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Got a few loses but I still won it. Good job.

one thing is wierd...

how did it get an award in 2004 if it counts a 2005 game???
in relation to the quiz....meh bit too easy, then again i love the zelda games, but you need more questions per level


link was born on outset not windfall. outset hd his grandma and orca, windfall had the slut teacher and anoying gang of kids

good one

nice quiz. i got almost all of the ones right from the original series, but since i haven't played some of the newer zelda games, i bombed them lol.