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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

Nice find.

Beautiful work getting the opening scene to the old Zelda tv show, not many fans actually know about it. Makes me wonder if i've still got a few of the episodes on my computer. Too those who don't know it was a short cartoon that played during the Super Mario Hour. The quiz itself was a mix of easy questions and attention to minisucle details proving to be more annoying than fun.

Not bad

Not bad. It was fun seeing how much I really knew. Although, oddly, I thought your second quiz section was easier than the first section. Maybe it just has to do with attention to details.

I liked the end video. I agree with a previous review... having music choice options would have driven me to give you higher interactivity and overall score ratings. But still, not bad.


it's good but there are way too many question on majoras mask and wind waker. which sucks since those are the only 2 I know nothing about. so next time try to even out the question on all the zelda games

damn judgment.

this was a nice little quiz, and i especially loved the end for beating it. i used to have an episode before my brother took it back, damn him, but there's only one flaw to my knowledge. There's windwaker questions. i do not know a soul that is a fan, not fanatic, of the Zelda series and like the windwaker. but it's not your fault, unless you like the windwaker. you don't like the windwaker, do you? didn't think so.

Oh no.

I know the zelda movie! I watchet it when I was 3 year old! You bring back my memories!