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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"



Ouch my brain hurts!

Wow these were some tough questions it took me awhile. But I dig the bonus (which I wont spoil), it made all the difference.

I love you!

I beat that but I did not know most of the extreme questions, because I haven't even played all the Zelda games, but I hope to one day. Or at least, all the good ones. Anyway, that quiz was good but the bonus video made it all worth it! Thanks =). First time I ever got a good award for finishing a quiz!

im such a geek

i can believe i knew all these answers off the bat specially the mailbox 1 and how many rupees it cost to get em all decifered like wtf?? worts part is i remember pretty much all the nowere quesytions being discussed with my brother back wen i was playing the games but nice quiz and yes it is very true the zelda series was the biggest pieces of feces known to man link was featured as a complete idiot and ganondorf was some faggot wizard that kept sending his army to attack

I feel complete getting 10/10, 10/10 and 9/10 :D