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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

zelda elda lda da a..

esta bien el quiz divertidin pero algunas preguntas fasiles i mucho retry ~~ xD jajaj pero esta agradable, contestenla desde la primera sin error haber xD


I liked the quiz, but I wsh you make another more hard, the questions were easy!

Great quiz.

Yeah some of those questions were hard but I could remember the order of the answers, so maybe next time you could make it so that the questions come up in a random order. I chuckled at that zelda cartoon at the end 'cos I know where it actually came from. Nice layout.

Wow even I had to think about those questions.

Great quiz. I lost count of how many times I had to retry. I liked how you made us finish parts of the quiz to move on. Great pictures to.

Good, But....

You need to work on your maths, Tingle charges you 398 Rupees per triforce chart deciphered, 398 x 8 = 3984, otherwise, it was good, pretty accurate apart from that question (long live the miracle of Nintendo)