Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"


This is quite easily the worst movie I have ever seen!
Terrible sprite quality, a shitty dialouge, poor sound quality, boring story, un-funny, lacks action, violence, boring, non-interactive, bit filesize, and it took 3 authors too make this?
For shame.

SquareHard responds:

actually, it didnt take 3 authors to make, jus me, jus that they supported me with so much advice, and graphics advice and such, they deserve to be part of this flash as much as i do :D


I love these series Damn. U should amke it longer but its ok its like all suspense hehe anyways Keep it up =D

one of the best quizs

one of the best quizes ive seen, great job guys, awesome questions, 3 difficulty and a reward at the end! what a great job along with images and checkpoints great job!


excellent! i would have watched sooner, but damn uni exams!! but anyway, worth the wait, this was another brilliant piece. the tweening has improved and the plot thickens!! would it kill you to make the episodes a bit longer?! lol, keep them coming, i love your work!


Nice storyline. I especially like how it intertwines with the original game