Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"

very very cool

a very cool movie man i almost dont have tips 4 you
but please make a next episode:( i only have 1 tip for the next episode: a little bit more dossis humor:P okay? tell me if the new is ready:)

pretty good

it was ok I cant wait for number 6 of the series. Keep the good work and i see you are teaming up with Vince now.

You do the game justice

I'm a big Chrono Trigger Fan, and I just watched the series you have so far, I love it. I didn't think that Chrono Trigger could be open for a sequel but you pulled it off nicely. Please, keep making this series. It's very good.

good stuff

The quality of the flashes got better with each episode, and a really good story. Anxiously awaiting episode #6.

Good series

I saw this series. It's fairly interesting, a little bad grammar and a bit of Midieval engrish here and there. What would have made this particular episode better would be if Ayla said "raw-boot" instead of "robot"