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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"

*Dances all the way trough*

God, this song got such a nice crunchy bass, and the kick is just stupidly awesome!
It sure made me dance! But making a song on 165 BPM, with a repitive melody just makes it all cool! The repitiveness just wants to make you dance forever! And I think that's why the name is the best suitable for it 'Forever'. I loved the simple but yet interesting intro, and that mad piano piece just made this song immortal! I only prefer to hear the piano more often in the song though. I wow'ed at those leads seriously, you made them yourself? They're quite original to hear. Also everything sounded crystal clear, you got to tell me how you do that.. I am still confused about that in my own tracks. I fav'd you as a artists, voted 5/5, added this song to favorites and not the least I gave this song a wonderfull 10/10! :P
Keep your producing up, you're wicked!


Envy responds:

Heyoooooooo thanks for the review ^^

Ever Notice..

That you always want to review a song.. but people have already said what you need to say.. so you just go and put something random up like this and giving it a 10 and a 5 :P

^^ hehhehehe

happy hardcore!!!

Naaaaah! xD

Awesome! the litte breaks are amazing! im not the big happy hardcore fan.. but you tranced is up to your style.. it really has it own style it's that what make is good..! But could be a little longer.

Rock on!! xD

9/10 - 5/5

//Dj Halo

Great song

Yes, very good song. I love it. This review was quite useless, but i just want to tell i like your song. Mostly because it's so happy. Favourited, added you to favourite artist, and 10/10 5/5. That's all.