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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"


As usually, I am by Envy for comming up with new fresh material that aint loosing its old matter. Fast paced, full packed with the bass, what more can I wish for? You have just simply done it again. Cheers.

(I know I didnt invoke any constructive critizism into the review but I guess shit happens).

I wish you the best of future projects.

Lol :D

Well good job making happycore. But you gotta get rid of that intro cause its not happycore material xD. But nice going into the melody and stuff with the piano and the lead coming in. I liked the kick and bass a lot and it was really nice in this song. The melody fit happycore. At 1:25 it sounded like a country song LOL. It was probably because you needed ways to extend the length of this song, and yeah its hard to make long hardcore songs cause the bpm range is like 165 ~ 180. Im currently working on a happycore song as well, and after like a days work working on it, it ends up being like 50 seconds long only..LOL.

Check it out its called Head Up, and its 170 BPM. Its just a small WIP so far but ill eventually make a full song out of it soon. Well nice happycore song for ur first one ahah. Keep up the good work :D. 10/10. 5/5


This is fast... I like it x)
I love the intro, it kinda makes the upcoming hardstyle happy hardcore super fantasticalicious stuff more awesome :).
And the soft pie-ano was awezome. I'm serial. Note the "AWEZOME". That's as good as it gets.

10'd 5'd and Fav'd.
-Psyc (The guy you couldn't remember, lolz)

Envy responds:

XD, thanks for the special review man ^^ Here is a special response!


This has gotta' be my favorite melody from you! It's so happy and uplifting! You really need to take this song further dude, it's got a lot of potentiol. And if you don't, I'm remixing it >;D. Anyways, I can't be bothered writing a huge review for this. Doesn't need the critique anyway, it's already so damn awesome! And by the way, the intro is perfect as it is dude :P.

for a first attempt

it's amazing. Envy u continue to amaze me with ur beats. once again a amazing song.