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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"

10 out of 10, 5 out of 5.

Alright. First I need to point out that I am, among thousands of others, a huge fan of yours. Almost every one of your pieces inspires me to try as hard as I can to put out quality dance music, even if your pieces also demotivate me by how amazing they are.

Now for the actual review:
Good things: The intro turned out good as you said, and the actual melody of the song is very driving (happy hardcore!). You have amazing transitions as usual and I never found myself bored with the song. You find so many amazing ways to mix sounds that it drives me nuts.

Bad things: Near 1:53 or so, I almost swear there is a clap and hi-hat there (which there is), but it is hard to make them out. It is almost like they aren't there. I feel they could have been made louder in some way or just removed because they give nothing to the song. Another thing I did not like is that I felt the first melody was too mushy sounding. It is kind of hard to explain this without sounding like an idiot, but it felt like the notes had too much behind them to make out the actual tones of the melody.

Other than this stuff, I found the piece enjoyable. Thanks for this piece. :]

Envy responds:

heeeeeeeeeeeey thanks for the long review ^^
There is a clap at 1:53. I was trying to get rid of alot of highs in this song (cause there was an overabundance of them as you can imagine with the lead) and I ended up turning the hats waaaaaaaay down.

thanks again for the review!

its nice

try something else just like higher tones and an other kick for (happy)hardcore and try to not side chain in (happy)hardcore :P and stuff like that
cuz it sounds more like an speeded up dance/trance

i think i heard something from heaven rd :P a vocal ?

greetings krave


I love your work, I'm a big fan of you =D
i give you a 10/10 5/5 ~Great Job~

My ipinion:

- bas 10/10
- sound 10/10
- original 10/10

Nice song

Nice Song good to play Legend of Zelda: Orcinia of Time Master quest XD



This is my favorite song ever next to Grind3 by Dev/Null