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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"


Its amazing, so many artists making dance songs and almost none capture the essence your songs have that make someone just wannt get up and never stop moving. Love your stuff, and no matter what happens in your life never forget your amazing talent, and keep it alive even if it means only keeping it as a side hobby for an hour or so when you have free time.

Love ya, Pretz

PS: 1:27- 1:37 is brilliant. nuff said


but if it had a little more instruments, it would be better.
I liked celebration better XD i litterally might make a music video of these :)

This is my most fave song you completed :D

seriously! I love it so much! I love the way you compose your music and how you put it together. nothing really repeats, and if it does, you dont even notice it. GREAT WORK! :DDD

Pretty decent

It's not my favoutie song, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy listening to it. I think it gets better the more you listen to it o.O

Pretty Good

I like this song. It is pretty good, but the first 23 seconds of the song don't really feel like the belong. It would be better if the song began at the 26 second mark. At that point the song really blossoms and sounds really refreshing and beautiful. Then it picks up the beat and is enjoyable in that regard too. I like what you have done with the song. Overall, it is pretty good! :)