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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"

One Problem.

I can already tell this was based off of Cornandbeans LazySummer Days by the beginning 3 chord piano notes :P... but other than that really well done...Nice melodies, powerful and energetic. Overall a very successful first attempt.

Envy responds:

^^ hows that a problem

from the buttom of my heart

this song is AWESOME!!!! He shoots. he scores! it made me feel everything can be possible while staying in hardcore limits... amazing... keep up the awesome work bro!!

(jumps up and says

"thank you god for such a extremely great artist" thank you so much env. for making this song you have no idea what great timing you have cuz when i got my msg from the girl i like saying out of 100 to 1000 how much do you love your boy friend she said 900 and that shot a blow to me and i was aimlessly searching for a song to help me feel better and i found this song you are amazing i hope you keep up the good work my friend this song has made me feel a lot better you are awesome and when i hope to get fl studio i want you to be the first to review my song and once again thx envy ^_^


I just want to say you are an inspiration to us all including me I'm going to start creating my own masterpieces and it's all thanks to you *shakes Envy's Hand* if you have any tips for a DJ noob like me please let me know send me a Private message whenever you can. :)

I feel good

I don't see how anyone can not like this kind of music. Whenever you hear it you just feel happy and let your mind wander to a better place. How can anyone not like that?

But anyway, this song was great. I loved that piano in there. The beat made me dance in my chair (and I'm a terrible dancer). The only thing I can ask is for it to be a little longer XP but that's just selfish.

Envy responds:

Lol yeah the length was a problem (LOZLTHATSWASTSHEE SAID)

Well, I'm glad I got you dancin atleast!