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Reviews for "~EnV~ Forever"


This was awesome.

But Envy dear.

Repetition is not a bad thing. if you listen to any of the techno songs that last more then 3 minutes they have the same general beat, that doesn't stop us from listening to Da Rude Sandstorm with its 8 minutes of the same 4 second beat repeated.

I look forward to seeing an extended song from you some day. I love your music and only wish it would last longer. For Example. Little Piano Piece. I loved it and it lasted like 1 minute

Oh wells. Amazing Song

Envy responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHA hey man whats up ^^ I did not know you had a NG account homie. Little piano piece is the greatest man. XD

Very nice!

Impressive. Happy hardcore with your own spin on it :) Now this is interesting stuff.

I'm glad you decided to dabble with a different broth for this batch of musical soup. It's not average cookie cutter happy hardcore, which is a refreshing thing to hear for once. Longer intro, specific flow and the way you present the musical concept to the listener is very interesting. Almost misleading, which is brilliant.

Kudos! Keep it coming

Envy responds:

Hahahahaha I love your metaphors.


not bad

Im not a big of happy hard core, and yay nav! for bring this monster in to this world!

nah really not a bad song envy :P stick to what we all know and love!

Envy responds:

Duct tape?

Lols ^^

Names arent that hard to come up with after you stray away from the project for a bit. But this song is really great!!!!


It's very catchy and all, but I'm not sure this is exactly Happy Hardcore. Maybe more UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore is typically much faster and includes vocals. Don't get me wrong, its a solid song (the instruments are a lot like your the ones in your prev songs, but I've read your spiel on that). Keep doin' wht you're doin', it's sounding great. Good work!