Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

O_O im in love.

Your defenetly one of my favourite Artists.................
Man EVERYTHING is good.
:D now stop reading this review and watch this BRILLIANT movie!!!
plus nice job with eac series following the previous it kinda makes watching each one a prize for being a fan!!!
Your story is great, your sprite work is fantastic! your voice acting is good!!
here's a 5!!


This series is awsome and i never saw that coming near the end ...only one thing is megaman and protomans voice sounds a bit errr weird ...I actually laughed when they were talking

anyways i look forward to the next one ^^b

you know........................

Zero has a buster you know and if you did how come he hasnt used it in any of your flashes with him in it? and for the voice acting, pretty good. protomans was ify and megamans could use some work. any cant wait for hunter zero 3.


I´m a big fan of Megaman series, and I love your work, but with this saga you have really bested yourself! My fav character has always been Zero (Zero rules!! ;)), and this saga is a really nice view on his begginings as a maverick and all. In few words: your flashes are awesome. Keep them coming, please!

This ones also very good!

I like the first one a little better,but it's still awesome!My flash will never be as good as your,but from your example,mine might me close to it!Thank you for the insperation!=)