Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

It pretty good

Watchin this movie is like makin love; it's great

Sweet ass sprite movie!

So this is the series when all the voice acting comes allong. The voices that were picked out looked mighty well impersonated, (not exactly perfect, but well done) I wish I was a sprite animator and be as good as the best. (not to compete against anybody but for the love of sprites) You know what I mean?

CheveLoco responds:

yeah i know...i do hand drawn movies too, the newest one came out last november(God Warrios) and as i have said this will be my last srite movie

Conclude it.

That was an awsome movie.But I want to see part 3.

omg that was good!

wow whas that bass???and sigmas back too!aarrgh i need to seee part 3 now


Ok at the end there that was the LAST person i expected to show up! (Not saying who, don't want to spoil it)

Great animation dude, the lines were pretty corny but were well voiced.