Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Love it. But the voices...

I love all of your movies so far, exept the voices are wrong. Megaman has a childs voice and Protoman has a little bit less deep voice. Also Zero's Voice is waaaaay different. Otherwise, SIGMAS ARRIVED. Where's X when ya need him?

Oh my god

This was really good, better than the first one. I was so suspended when Zero fought Protoman. And I was so shocked when Bass returned. I was also thinking, what happended to Megaman? I'm gonna see the third one right now.

I like the voice acting.

You this one great and you did find the right voice for Zero and megaman and even protoman.I like that you bring back Bass it's good to see him again and you realy out done your self.


nice improvements man! so many! voices everything! whoa man it show all your effort and heart put into it! wow man im lookin forward to more from u!

Awesome work!Keep it up!!!!

Cool movie really!One of the best series I have ever seen!

BASS!!!!How could bass survive!!Megaman ultimately destroyed him!I am starting to think that in your movies you cannot beat bass.