Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Your best sprite work to date

I've seen all your sprite stuff, this comes out as the best one. Very glad you stuck with the same bittage for Megaman throughout on this one (one of my complaints about Bass' revenge was the fact that it kept switching between 16 and 32 bit Megaman) plus the voice acting, while a bit drowned out by the music at times, definitely added to the movie.

A lot of interesting plot points have come up, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they're carried out.

Woah....great movie

But I though Bass was doing the dead thing like Zero does...wait, Bass IS doing the dead thing like Zero does.

As for Sigma, I thought is was a little early to deploy him. I thought he was made 20 years in the future.

Then again, It's not my movie, is it? I'm not gonna dock you anything. Hope your next will be as crappy as this (and I gave this a 10)

CheveLoco responds:

hahaha the dead thing...that will be explained in the next episode...i know sigma it's early but like i said i have to add some twists to a story that most people know

tbh...... AWESUM

Ahh man, you got me on the edge i wanna see the sequal the ending is soo good! Nice one!

that was really good actually

yes, surprisingly, this was really good. Get some better voiceactors for the next one and u got my 10 :)


Finally the second part of the newgrounds greatest series has come.