Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"


A nice cosplay. I didn't think megaman's voice matched him well, i would have preffered a higher pitched voice. (seeing how he's supposed to be younger and all...) if you're interested, i would love to help you out on a sequel to this. my contact info is in my profile, i'd be happy to do voices or whatever.


CheveLoco responds:

maybe i'll get a younger guy to play him for the next one

Another well thought out edition to a great series

I enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed your other ones! I think it to be a very interesting take on the Megaman series! I'm glad you have started using voice overs because I hate haveing to read little dialoge boxes, especially when I can't control how fast they go. I have to admit, though, I wasn't so fond of Megaman and Protoman's voice overs, mainly because they sounded almost exactly the same. I'm sure that will change over time and experience from the actor though. Keep up the good work. I await anxiously for part 3!

CheveLoco responds:

i think they're good considering they are done by them same guy

nice but..

yeah it was cool n all but i aint a fan of megaman

That was incredible

I don't enjoy sprite movies as much, but your storyline, voice acting and specially the music (It fit the movied percfectly) kept me of the edge of my seat.

Ill be glad to see the continuation of thi ASAP


CheveLoco responds:


man that was assume

your a real good animator and stick to it cause youll go far with it