Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

that was cool

the guy at the end is bass if i rember correctly hes the opposite of zero :) the classic light vs dark


Now thats what i call a come back with a bang for bass. That was awsome I cant wait to see the next one take your time though.

CheveLoco responds:

oh i will hehe

Rigo rocks

Cool stuff sweet fighting and thats the fighting kinda music and who's that dude at the end the black one

Took ya long enough

You know i been waiting. This is alot different then ur others seems to have more story and emotion. Adding the voices was cool but it was kinda funny cause all the voices sounded the same (maybe cause their all the same person) but anyway i was satisfied keep up the good work man you're one of the best and also one of the most Underrated animators on NG and i donot know why but i love ur movies man keep em coming

CheveLoco responds:

hmmm...i've been told the other has more action and this more story...and that may be the reason cuz one guy did 3 characters(i still think he did a nice job)...i'm glad u like my movies and hopefully i'll get a review from u for future episodes...thanx


I didn't really like this one. I've seen all your stuff but this one didn't do a thing for me. The fight scenes were awesome but it seems to me your starting to copy alot of other ppl's styles but not totaly nailing it. Also that "suprise" at the end seemed alittle bit out of charactor for your flashes. I dunno i think you tried to go in too many different directions on this one. Also the "sentamental" moment between Megaman and Protoman, that didnt really go together either, the music was a poor choise and the "suprise" sucked.

CheveLoco responds:

copy people's styles?...i dont know whose style i'm copying..i started with my own style and have worked to make it better with every flash i make...i dont know why you think i went into many different directions when the story barely "moved" on this one...again wheter you like the soundtrack or not i think it's more of a personal taste...