Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Sleek, hot, man u noe mega man animation like hell

Dude! this stuff is awesome! when is numbber 3 coming out?

Voices a big +

This is very good movie but voices weren´t so great and those Girls from Megaman Zero 2 in tranfer room are girls but why they have mens voices.Cant wait part 3.


w00t perfection!0_0 this wuz awsome nice bass (or for you other ppl forte)sprite! great ending great material top of the food chain of flash movies as always!!!!!!!!!!


Crazy and Cool shit :)

Did I hear... Voice acting!

OMG! OMG! I never ever in a millon years thought that... that... Bass would return! I love it! I love Zero's "WHAT!!!" Rigo!Rigo!Rigo!Rigo!Rigo!