Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

gud job

gota say i din like it as much as the final battles but it was still good.. a lil to much plot an not enuf fighting

Well, I must say, I'm impressed.

Ok... Where to start... hmm I will start with graphics. As far as sprites go you do fairly well. But in the closeups you should have made them a bit smoother, I know it is hard but it is worth it. That was one of the lowest parts and the reason I gave it only a 7.(Still high though!)
You had fairly good style and an attention to detail in all other parts but the closeups, but even they where not all that noticable or dragging in this area. The sprites flowed together, and you made the movie well... move. (For want of a better term.)
Your sound effects and cgi worked well together, and you have an amazing aptitude for making sounds work in congunction WITH the movie without overwhelming it, like some other sprite movies I have seen. Although I must point out that in some cases it seemed a little choppy.(I was on medium quality and that should be enough with my computer
Violence, ahh yes, I gave you a ten in here, And you deserved it! you made sure that it was balanced and that the wins were realistic, nothing like a one hit kill one somebody like protoman or even some of the snipers. I mean come on you even had blood for each of the killed soldiers! You got one of the few tens I have ever given.
Overall I give you a 9 and I have only one more thing to say, keep up the good work!

not bad but...

i liked it but all of the voices sound the same i thought protoman wanted to kill megaman but it was quikman saying that everything else waz da best though

Cool movie

Keep up the good work, i've watch all of your megaman series and I think that they are the best on NG. When is ep.3 comming out?


I have watched all of your megaman moives, they are sooooooooo good. Can't wait for number 3, come on when when?