Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

the next episode

Hey Rigo, for hunterzero I was wondering when is the next episode coming out, im dying to watch that third episode?! And please try to make it better. Im counting on you Rigo..


The voices were a nice touch and like all your other movies this one kicked ass...but some sound effects were out of sync...


Danm, that was the best movie i ever seen can't wait till EP.3

When is the next 1?

When is the next 1? I need to see more...
...I need it...
...If you decided to cancel the series like that 1 fag did with MegaMan & Samus, then you deserve to perish...
...But if you are continuing it, then, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

CheveLoco responds:

I know, i'be taken a long time to bring episode 3 out but i just have been very busy, expect it in a month or less

Glad the untold story is being told by you.

This is truly excelent work. All too often I have wondered about the ultamate fall of megaman, The rise of Sigma and the origins of Zero. I would like to appologise reguarding a comment I made in my review of the trailer of this series. I did not realize you had shifted your work to Newgrounds. I had only seen it one other place and thats why I said I thought your stuff was incomplete.