Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Nicely done!

This is the best sprite movie I've ever seen. The graphics were great, and the style was dramatic, cinematic, very enthralling. The sound gets a lower score because it sounds like it was all recorded on a microphone, sadly. The voiceacting was great, no beef with that - but some of the sound effects just sounded like my speakers were blown. Not bad overall, though!


The series is still really cinematic but... Something about this movie seems different from the previous ones...

The voice acting was... completely fine for: Shadowman and Dr. Wily. Seems (just to me) that the voice actor for Megaman and Protoman were identical. Also, Zero, Megaman, and Protoman's voices really sounded like the voice actor was trying hard to change his voice dramatically... It turned out... a little weird. Quickman's voice was nice except some extra weird breathing sounds (or something) were in it...

Anyway, the script is getting really nice. So is the story. Great job, overall.

I'm wondering if the story will stay somewhat to Capcom's story.

Like.... Sigma "defeating" Zero (but then maybe Zero coming back and being stopped by Megaman and Protoman)
I miss the glowy effect when the guys shoot but I don't really know why.


This show was great it was alot better especially the voice acting and it's perfect! So you did a nice job on that.

A bit of advice the way you could improve on it is some voices because they seem a little too fast. Ryan Thunderhero is the perfect voice for Protoman and Dr. Wily, and maybe he can be Megman and make his voice higher. Overall great job in your movie and hope they will help you in future episodes.

good, but could use work...

i see you finaly started puting voiceovers in.
a bit of advice, dont try to do more than one or two of the cheracters yourself. it tends to make the voices sound somewhat crapy.
as others have stated before, (although its not near as bad as they claimed) proper use of the microphone, and geting the lip syncing timed right, would greatly improve the overall experience.

oh, and a coment to victor about his review,
people tend to listen to you more when you offer advice or construcive criticisim, rather than continualy insult them and their work. lighten up a bit!

well then...

the animations and everything were done very well, i the action and movements were all very smooth, there is really only one problem i had with the flash, which is probably the biggest, OMFG the voice acting were so horribly done, god, it totally ruined the flash for me, i was enjoying the flashi up until the voice acting began, horrific, my ears are still bleeding, first off, if ur gonna get voice actors, make sure they at least sound a little bit different, if u closed ur eyes and watch the flash, its like jus listening to an insane person talking to themselves, second off, the lip syncing was really off, it wasnt even close, if u r going to do dubbing, at least work a little harder on syncing, and with most of ur flash as being dubbed, i suggest u try a little harder with that, and last but not least, u can speak into the mic from half a feet away, itll still register, its ok, every single one of the voice acting had static all over it, i mite as well jus turn on my tv and change the channel to 0 and listen to that all day, cuz its the same thing, but hey, ur animations were good, but the voice acting, lip syncing, and also being too close to the mic takes away 90% of ur flash, cuz it really jus sucked that badly, anyways, im gonna go to therapy now, jus listening to ur crappy ass voice acting has traumatized me for life, thanks a lot dickhead!

CheveLoco responds:

im always open for criticism from other flash artists..unfortunatelly for you:

Flash by victor_abu:
- none -

so fuck you and have a nice day...