Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

meh... its not really the same

the episodes before hunter zero ep.2 were kick ass. but once you added the voices and stuff it all changed. still good but not the same. i cant wait till the next episode.

It didn't live up

Your first one caught me alot better, especially the chord it struck. The way you developed the story in the first one made you thirst to see megaman.
I was a little dissapointed that you didn't use a different sprite for megaman, the one you used at the end of the first one was cool, and I was expecting megaman to kick major ass, like hardcore and be one of those strong silent types.
Sorry, I'll stop my rambling. I'm glad you kept going and I hope you keep going.
Keep up the work.

I find this series one of the best!

Hey Rigo, great job in episode 2 I really liked it, this is one of the most exciting series I ever seen looking forward to episode 3..BTW when is episode 3 coming out? I realized that you broke your hand when I saw the new update, and I understand..so overall great job!

Why is this going to be your last series? why???

And I find this movie better cuz for the voice acting I don't have to like read the scripts, lines, whatever you say it. I think the voice actors did a great job but maybe get Megaman's voice a little higher like a kid's voice? maybe that would improve for the voice acting including the guy who did 3 characters I think he did a really great job.

My favorite part in this movie is where there was a fight protoman against zero (zero attacks, the last scene selection) and Bass showed up and attacked Zero..maan this is going to be one exciting series and can't wait till the next episode.

On with the voice acting maybe you should get an option whether there should be voice acting or not...

And last, where did you get that cloaked Bass?
Well you don't really need to reply me but do so if you feel like it or you can send me an email to respond. Well looking forward to the next episode.

Im L-a-n-d-s-t-a-r

great another good subission

great you r probly 1 of the best authors on ng whens ep 3 coming out i cant wait

Get's better and better yet...

This series is great and I've seen your other mega man sprite movies. The only thing I don't like is the voices. i personally like reading the text. If you could , put an option to where you can either have the voices or not. Other than that, supurb series.