Reviews for "Stile man Dressup"

i give this a 10

OMFG YOU KIDS SHOULDNT EVEN BE ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!GTFO SRSLY ND DONT CORRECT ME ON SPELLING YOU 12 YEAR OLDS....god where are your parents in this...?jesus you kids must have horrible parents.im just saying not monotiring your internet jesus

um...its not my fave...

and i like the dress ups where you can`t see private parts BETTER than these.
not really much you can do. he has no hair and you can`t make him look good, which is the dress up GOAL.

lovee itttt

i did when i was like 12 and i still do now! make more like this, PLEASE?!


Start rateing this crap right man thats not freckin cool a kid could see that you sicko

this is sick

this is so sick im only 12 i love dress up games but now im not going to play them ever again thank to you you peace of crap