Reviews for "FFantasy 7 T.E. Trailer !"

its just pretty pointless

nice work just it was just short and pointless

rowan-studios responds:

Well well mr.harsh no just kiddin' the story wasnt completely pointless maybe in this trailer but in the real thing (the full animation) you'll hopefully understand it Thanx for the review!


The file was so large and it was so short. It ended after vincent ran throung them. I like how you got the game graphics and copied them in flash. They could look a lot better if the storyline wasn't so crumby. At the ends of FF7 the turks turn good. Why were the at the reactor and why did vincent attack them?

rowan-studios responds:

That would be a little harsh that the storyline wasn't so crumby because i didnt made the storyline i work with someone else you see and if u ask me i like the storyline keep updated of this animation when the real thing comes out!

Lookin Good

looks good so far, but maybe you might want to make it a little more original and crete new graphics - maybe update the look of cloud and cid etc? just a thought.

looks kewl tho

Best I've seen this whole evening

and it's only a trailer!! Did you use a 3d program to create the characters. That was awesome can't wait for the actual real deal to arrive a 9 and 5/5 for you

All the best.

rowan-studios responds:

Thnx for your review and no i didnt used a 3d program i just drawed them in model style and just like the beta version i worked on the models now for 4 months so dont think i stole anything(yeh only the backgrounds exept for the menu background) but thnx for inspirating me like that ill be working on it more now if you want swf's how the animation goes further add mmbalz@hotmail.com to your msn list or send an email!