Reviews for "FFantasy 7 T.E. Trailer !"


you took the basic idea of FF7 advent children...

rowan-studios responds:

Hehe relly.... Fuk off..

destruction of ..comet?

what ever happened to the destruction of meteor? lol

That was good, but..

it looked like vincent was doing something to cloud and cid but hell if i know what it was. i like how you kept the original graphics


Great Idea. I am very defensive about FF7 but you really contain its original image while improving on it. I look forward to more.

Very cool, but...

I'm scared about the file size. If the trailer is 3MB, what size will be the final flash?

Now, talking about the flash itself, I think you followed the FF7 style very nicely, that was really cool. I'm looking forward to this. However, there were some weak points:

1) That loop music on the preloader wasn't really good...
2) Vincent's animation is preety weird. When he runs against Cloud and Cid, it seems he passes through them and then starts running still. (?)
3) Text balloons could be improved if you changed the button. Maybe by removing the mouse and making the balloons a bit more simillar to the FF style...

Well, hope that helps. Again, looking forward to it!