Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

nicely done!

I love the concept but im sure u know these graphics suck. Try using 32 bit graphics next time. Cheers!

ps. wat do u do with the drill???

gavD responds:

32 bit graphics! Pfff! When I were a lad we had 8 bits and we were grateful for them!

Heh heh. I can't do graphics very well I'm afraid, which is partly why I used ZX spectrum graphics.


I loved this game i cant really think of improvement you stayed true to the old schoolness of this type of game. I am 14 and wasnt born when this type of game came out but when i was like 6 up until 10 (the comp broke) whenever i went to my uncles house he had this oldassed computer (i forget which type) and id always play these types of ghames he had like a hundred. Thanks for this bit of nostalgia.

gavD responds:

Excellent! I'm glad some younger players get the retro vibe.

Very origional and nostalgic.

A good game for us kids who grew up in the 80's, way to represent. I especially liked the Young Ones reference.

gavD responds:

Then you'll appreciate "Vivian, you COMPLETE BARSTARD!" Heh heh, the Young Ones were proper bo, I tell thee

loved it so far but duno wot to do...

wtf do u do afta uve bought the land?

gavD responds:

You need to do what Anthrax did, and be "Starting up a Posse"! Ask around town to see who will help you... You need 2 people...

Great game

Your games are amazing. yer in me top fav artists list. Im luvin these games cnt wait till yer next one....there is gonna be a next one right...there better be . If so cnt wait.

gavD responds:

Yep - it's in production right now! You f'n knows it!

Bellends is going to help out with the graphics so it should look a little better. I don't wanna give too much away - let's just say Sabreman will be a little out of his element in PP2!