Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

That was an awesome game.

I loved this game. One of my all-time favorite games. It was so fun. The only part I had trouble on was the part to get to the donkeys. But the challenge was fun. I love this game! I only marked you down on sound because I was listening to my own personal playlist when I was playing, not the game music. Sick game dude!

gavD responds:

Ha ha! Well, check out www.scrumbledeggs.co.uk and listen to the music there!

Thanks for playing. Yeah, lots of people have trouble getting the donkeys. I was gonna make the item you need more prominent, but decided to leave it as it was to make it more challenging.

4m 20s

Very good, challenging too. But keep in mind I've been playing these games since they debuted. You should be proud.

gavD responds:

4 min 20?! Are you a machine?! Nice work!

great story

hi, i wanted to know what the world record for fastest completion of this game is, on my second try i got 4m 44s

gavD responds:

Hi Mantits, I think Yonuss got 4 minutes 20...


that was totally good!!! i got 49 ms. i got everything but stuck at the donkeys part. but i finally did it. this is a great submission.
all 10s! just great

gavD responds:

Glad you like it fishyjoe!

I've just been composing some music for the sequel this evening; it's shaping up nicely!


was kept 49 minites 6 seconds was very hard and also was a bit short after you got everything im not giving anyone hints cus u all have 2 suffer like i did well man great game hopin the next one will be even bigger this gets a 5 every day 4m now on i gave violence a 3 cus of domkey testing lol