Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"


ok...its ok....but wat do i do wit the sack'o'donkeys and where do u get new clothes?


gavD responds:

These two things are connected! Have you visited the professor yet? You might want to read up about him first...

Cool Game

Wow that got me so confused well the game was confusing a bit lol but it was great =D keep it up

gavD responds:

Thanks mate! There are hints on my website if you get stuck...

Pretty good.

Pretty good, as I said. Fairly challenging. I got 6m 42s. Please do a second one where the 16-bit invade!


I wasn't born in the time of the 8 bit nes and atari but enoy seeing these types of games on NG they rule i lok 4ward to seeing a sequel to ur work I just love this game ive played it 3 times already but my firt time was 42 min =( nyways its an incredibly addictive game keep up the good work!

gavD responds:

Glad you liked it!

If you like this, try Simon the Sorceror or Monkey Island

The awesomeness!

This is a great game! I managed to win the beauty comp. by reading the reviews and then I got stuck 'cause I mademyself stop reading the reviews...and I have NO idea how you buy the land!

gavD responds:

Heh heh some of the puzzles are a bit abstract... There's logic in each one somewhere, though!