Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"


Wooow...classic stuff matey ! I love those old pixelated chaps ! Very cool game, I think you really did a good job on this. Lots of interactivity and detail. Keep it up man! Oh hey, if ya like old skool graphics like that, be sure to check out my Bruce Lee Commodore 64 movies in my NG profile. Hope to see another game from you soon ! Ciao

gavD responds:

Awesome! Your Bruce Lee stuff ROCKS! I used to play that on the BBC Micro back in the day - you're now on my favourites list!

I loved it!

I've played plenty of these kinds of games before, and they can be pretty challenging and at times even frustrating. However, this one was great, smooth, and was the perfect size to be completed in one sitting. Plus, the music was very fitting and the idea of bringing back those old sprites was a cool idea.

In all, great game and outstanding use of Actionscript. I'd love to see more games like this.

gavD responds:

Thankyou very much! I spent quite a long time developing the backstory - i.e. the war that's hinted at in the game.

Very Well

Very Well,I got 8 mins 46secs,the only things that help me up for about 1-2 mins was the stick and the professor. Other then that I guess I've played to many of these old games..... I'm 14,I was introduced to Monkey Island and a few other click adventures by my dad,this was well built,very original,good job my friend.

gavD responds:

Good grief - you are the quickest yet!

Props to your Dad - he obviously knows his onions adventure-wise!

17mins 6s (I suxorz)

Graphics : 10 (WTF ? lolll)
Style : 8 (just love these adventure games)
Sound : 10 (didn't put the sound on, so I'll vote nicely)
Violence : 0 (hey, you made me do this ^^)
Interactivity : 10 (ROFL ! The most interactive and entertaining game ever !!!)
Humor : 10 (Excellent humor)
Overall : 10 (out of ten, of course ;-) )

gavD responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enoyed my piece of 8-bit nostalgia!

Sequel update - it's still on the back burner I'm afraid. Hopefully it will be finished one day but I have many other projects on the go at the moment.

The awesomeness!

This is a great game! I managed to win the beauty comp. by reading the reviews and then I got stuck 'cause I mademyself stop reading the reviews...and I have NO idea how you buy the land!

gavD responds:

Heh heh some of the puzzles are a bit abstract... There's logic in each one somewhere, though!