Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"


Very very old school.
I loved it. Kind of disapointed it ended when it did, make more (or even just add more to this!)

gavD responds:

Hmm, I may do an enhanced version before working on a sequel proper... My strength is not really in animation so the ending may be kind of a let down, but I added the character cast and outro track to try to make it up!


What a lurvely little game Mr.Person :)
DUNEMASTER can you please bring a little extra cash to my chamber tonight as I need to buy a new bullwhip :P
I'm too young to be remembering those styles of games but you guys are making them sound so fun -Sniff- Ah well theres always my nice ps2 eh? :)

gavD responds:

In that case, get yo'delf a copy of ScummVM and try these classics:
1. Monkey Island 1&2 - best ever!
2. Police Quest
3. Day of the Tentacle

You'll be glad you did!


HA verry cool game! im only..eighteen..and have only played educational games like this at primary school hehe...but its just like a real game :) good job.

gavD responds:



14m11s this is cool make more of those games

actually overall score had to be 99999 sorry

gavD responds:

I was making a sequel, but then I figured there might be rights issues so I scrapped it. I still have the engine tho' so I might in future develop something similar...


plz help me im stuck can u post us a walk through or something

on how to fix that guys arm plz plz
oh this game kicks ass but i wanna win it