Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

i liked it

i liked it alot but i got stuck i have key, pickaxe(or the hammer thingy) form and map...wat do i do now?

gavD responds:

I'm working on a hints and tips page, it'll be on my website soon...

greatest game ive ever played!!!! make a sequel


gavD responds:

Sequel? Well, there's been 11 copies of the engine mailed out (I think!) - so plenty of people are working with the same stuff I developed. A prequel may happen one day.


i finished it in 9 mins 37 secs

gavD responds:

Good job!

The next one may have more obscure puzzles...

Loved it!

This game was a very cool experience. Keep it up, don't let it down.

Oh, and sorry 'bout the Sounds 0, my speakers have ceased functioning.

When will the sequel arrive to NG?

gavD responds:

ETA of the sequel is difficult to provide - I've got a lot of projects on. A large part of the code is written; it needs graphics and a few more rooms.

this rox

best thinking gamei have ever seen took me 2 minutes to beat beccause
i have read the reviewes before playng so i knew almost all the soluctiosn to puzzles :p when the sequel will be finished?